Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer celebrates colorfully

Among the festive decor for the Lilly Jubilee at Belk was this preppy printed Jeep -- parked just inside one of the mall entrances. Lilly Pulitzer President James Bradbeer said other Lilly-decorated Jeeps will be shuttling fashionistas around New York City during Fashion Week.

Belk rolled out the pink (and green) carpet to fete the Lilly Pulitzer line recently at the SouthPark store.

As part of the line's celebration of 50 years of colorful, preppy fashion, a "Lilly Jubilee" was held at the store, where visitors were transported to Palm Beach (where the line was born) via retrospective displays, special-label and vintage apparel, and of course, music and food.

"Lilly is an escape," said James Bradbeer, president of Lilly Pulitzer, who was on hand Thursday for the festivities, which also included the unveiling of the first Lilly Men's Shop at Belk. "It lifts the spirits, makes people smile."

McKay Belk, president of Belk, Inc., couldn't resist straightening the tie on a Lilly-bedecked mannequin in the new Lilly Men's Shop while talking about the line and the brightness it brings, given the trying times.

"It brings a sense of levity," he said. "There's fun and excitement in the colors. That's what we need right now."