Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fashion Week, here I come!

Well, all the weeks of stressing, couture-cramming, planning, speculating and fretting have led to this moment: By Thursday night, I'll be in New York City, rubbing elbows with the fashionable and fabulous at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

I'm excited, but also petrified the fashion police will confiscate my editor card if they catch me doing a Chris-Farley-interviewing-Paul-McCartney impersonation around Tim Gunn. Let's hope something like this doesn't happen:

Me: "Uh, Mr. Gunn? Remember when you were on that show, 'Project Runway,' and you said 'Make it work'?"

TG: "Yes?"

Me: "That was cool."

I'm going to try to be less superfan than that -- I promise. All bets are off, though, at the Betsey Johnson show. There's little that the 65-year-old designer does that I don't adore.

Be sure to check in daily for the latest updates on the runways, and of course, which celebs are seated in the front row.


  1. I will absolutely check in! Have a great time & good luck. Love, your slightly jealous sister-in-law, Anna.

  2. Just don't talk to anderson cooper...he doesn't like to be interviewed at fashion shows.

    or so i've heard...

  3. post lots of pictures - that's what we really want to see.

  4. If you see Heidi, ask her why in the world they kicked Kevin off when they let the likes of Ricky and Sweet Pea stay. Idiots.

  5. Make sure you give Betsy Johnson the kudo's she deserves from MI. Her designs are timeless and crazy!! Where are the pics???

  6. I AM JEALOUS!!! Good Luck :)
    Amber K