Friday, February 1, 2008

Liza Welcomes Me to "New York, New York"

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week got off to a cold and rainy start Friday, but seeing Liza Minelli perform “New York, New York” just a few feet in front of me quickly helped me forget about my busted $5 umbrella I purchased just an hour or so before.

Minelli, spry at 61, was among the highlights of The Heart Truth show, an collaborative show aimed at raising awareness of women’s heart health.

Fifteen celebs, including Lisa Rinna, Ana Ortiz ("Hilda" on "Ugly Betty"), Ashanti and Cheryl Hines strutted their stuff in dresses designed especially for the occasion.

Sara Ramirez from “Grey’s Anatomy,” looking comfortable and confident in a de-lish silk Angel Sanchez fitted, strapless gown with detail pleating on the back.

At the BCBG Max Azria show, the front row was filled with some of the women who walked in the Heart show, as well as Ciara, Sonia Bush and stylist Phillip Bloch.

The clothes were restrained, with modern profiles -- some exaggerated hourglass shapes, lots of constructed bell skirts, and every outfit had a belt that was tied, not buckled (but had a buckle).

Later tonight, it's Baby Phat and Erin Fetherston.


  1. I got into better shows as a 2nd year at FIT. High fashion in Charlotte from THIS editor? No.

  2. It's easy to be so snarky when you're "anonymous."

    When did you attend FIT? In the early '70s?

    In the last decade, real "high" fashion hasn't shown in New York...unless you count a handful of designers, including Rodarte (the closest thing to couture being done in the States these days).

    Charlotte isn't even a high fashion town. If you want high fashion in Charlotte, play with paper dolls or Barbies and read copies of French Vogue.

    Rachel appeals to the people who live the real world who have real budgets and real bodies.

  3. WOW!! freak anonymous! To chastise an editor like that, you are obviously a frustrated bad sudo-designer yourself. Fashion is what you make it, for yourself. The fact that high profile designers show their wares in a week of previews, gives everybody an idea of color and fabric vs stick thin models that NO ONE can relate to, in the real world. Move on bizzaro.