Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kate Spade Handbag Heaven

In case I haven't made it clear yet, I'll say it again: I have a thing for handbags. The bigger, the better. I hardly ever travel light.

So, my breakfast visit to Kate Spade's 25th Avenue office/showroom space was delicious, and not just because the tiny egg sandwiches and bite-sized stacks of pancakes waiters served were tasty.

It was room after room of preppy chic bags, shoes, stationery, housewares and wares from Jack Spade, the men's line of bags and accessories.

Pictures of Ali McGraw, Anne Bancroft and Audrey Hepburn hung on the wall, and vintage books shared shelf space with the richly colored bags. There was a lot of ostrich, pony hair and leather, in boxy and more abstract constructions.

A sophisticated but cute cabbage rose print showed up on dresses as well as a few sets of toiletry bags.

The shoes are just as varied, but with a classic bent: Tassled flats, spectator mary jane heels and ballet flats were among the offerings.

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