Saturday, February 9, 2008

Darn you, prompt Marc Jacobs!

That's Marc Jacobs, his fall 2008 models lined up on top of the stage,

and Sonic Youth performing on the runway.

My last night at Fashion Week was certainly eventful -- I missed the Marc Jacobs show.


MJ shows start notoriously late, but this year, to my chagrin, he was prompt -- the show started around 7:20 and was over by 7:30. Read about it here.

I could cry (from exhaustion or frustration?), but I'm going to chalk it all up to a big, fat learning experience.

Let me briefly set the scene for you. Emboldened with misplaced newbie confidence, I went to the 6 p.m. Sean John show at Cipriani, near Grand Central Station. The show started late, like they all do, but I was still sure I could catch a cab afterward and get to MJ in time. He surely wasn't going be prompt.

Not only was MJ prompt (apparently, he came out around 7:10 and was encouraging folks to take their seats, and they thought he was joking), I couldn't catch a cab on Lexington to save my life. So I walked. About 15 blocks.

I did get into MJ, but only enough time to see the last model make her last turn on the runway.

As Sean Combs celebrated his 10th anniversary of Sean John, he gave a nod to African American designers who came before him -- Willi Smith, Karl Kani, Tracy Reese and others.

His runway was filled with fitted, cropped menswear with luxe embellishments, including chainmail, thick jewel-encrusted mufflers and fur.

SPOTTED AT SEAN JOHN: Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, Roberto Cavalli, Janice Combs (Diddy's mom), Spike Lee (in an Obama '08 T-shirt), Ellen Pompeo and hubby Chris Ivery, Helena Christensen, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Federline

To see images of the Marc Jacobs and Sean John shows, click here