Monday, February 18, 2008

Flashbacks? Bring it!

I'm in the throes of a full-blown 1980s flashback, and I'm loving it. Witness:

Jelly shoes. For about two minutes during a trip to the SuperTarget, I entertained the idea of buying a pair of these (above). Does no one remember how sweaty, stinky and blistery they were the first time around? Ick. I do. I'll sit this one out, thanks.

American Apparel leggings. After building my entire high school wardrobe around black leggings and oversized oxford shirts (preferrably J. Crew or denim from the Gap, thankyouverymuch), I swore as an adult I would never go back. That was until I landed a great pair of boots and a longer babydoll top that were screaming for some black cotton/spandex love. I went from zero pairs to two in about five seconds, and am smitten all over again.

VH-1 Classic. I was near tears when I stumbled on Metal Mania on Saturday night. There was Bret Michaels (with a full head of hair) and Poision in all their glam glory to "Your Mama Don't Dance." Then, there was 120 Minutes last night: Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant" and the Psychadelic Fur's "Pretty in Pink." Good times, good times.

What takes you back?

1 comment:

  1. high waisted jeans and pencil jeans - only super skinny people look good in that - I'll pass on that one. Bangs - again, something that doesn't look good on many people. Luckily I'm older now and prefer to wear what looks good on me vs what's tagged as the latest hot thing to have.