Friday, February 8, 2008

Project Runway? Not so much

WARNING: A tiny bit of fit-throwing follows. If you have a low tolerance for whining (even when it's justified), skip to the bottom!

I would post a pic of the "Project Runway" show from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, but oh wait, that's right, I didn't get a seat. Seriously.

I've taken most of my missed shows in stride this week (if you skip a season, as the Observer did in September, there's a good chance of falling off publicists' radar), but I don't know if it was the cumulative lack of sleep or the coffee-only breakfast or the fact that it's day eight of Fashion Week, but my "PR" snub stung -- bad.

Especially when I saw hordes of other people being ushered in, with no apparent tie to the show other than being well-connected. Cry me a river, right? Poor Rachel!

To console myself, I hoofed it down to Macy's at Herald Square and picked up two dresses -- DKNY and Stephen Burrows -- on super clearance, around 75 percent off. Shopping and bargains? The "Runway" hateration has magically disappeared!

I did get some details of the "Runway" show from a handful of colleagues who did get in: Victoria Beckham was the guest judge and a ton of NBC/Bravo stars were on hand. Click on the "Project Runway" hyperlink above to read more about the show. Also, click here for a slideshow.

Tonight, Sean John and Marc Jacobs. Should be interesting to say the least!

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  1. You talk about falling off the publicist's radar by missing the September shows, but Project Runway didn't have a show at fall Fashion Week. Um....