Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Make it work! Trinity-style

Participants include (in no particular order): Taylor Humphries, Alex Hover, Hank Parker, Carolyn Dalrymple, Katie Hyland, Hannah Weiss, Julia Hoover, Catherine Heynen, Derek Fulton, Ky Atkinson, Maggie Bennight, Hunter Andrews, Genevieve Becker, Alexis Geiger and Sydney Slaven.

Middle school students at Trinity Episcopal School are in the middle of a week-long project based on the TV show "Project Runway."

The participants visited the Mint Museum to get inspiration for their first challenge. They shopped at Mary Jo's fabric store in Gastonia on a tight budget of $10, and had only four hours of sewing time before they hit the runway.

I was one of the guest judges, and I was amazed at the creativity! In one word, the looks were fierce!


  1. I agree!!!!! The styles were ultra-fierce! I'm impressed! Can't wait to see more!!!!!PS- Christian is the best eva!!!

  2. I don't know where these kids go to school, but I wanna go too!!!!!!! They made it work! You know you love me! XOXO, Fashion Girl