Sunday, February 3, 2008

Black and Purple and Black and Black

At Rock & Republic's 65-look show, the sea of black trenches, fedoras, pleated leather minis and flowing gowns was broken up by the occasional splash of purple. The ensembles were so similar, my fellow fashion editors and I wondered if the show, which was broken into two "acts," had simply started over.

It was a showy show, for sure, with its orchestra pit surrounded by the runway, and the musicians playing along with prerecoreded songs from Jethro Tull, The Who and the Beatles, but that showmanship detracted from the clothes.

Or, was it as another editor said as we were walking out: "No wonder they made it so hard to get in, they knew how little they had."


  1. After a week where The Observer announced that it's laying off a few dozen folks, the newspaper sends an editor to cover a fashion event with no local tie-in and that invariably will be better covered by fashion pros in the national media. You think the $5,000 or so this cost could be better spent writing about local issues of concern to Carolinians? How much money is The Observer spending to send reporters to the Super Bowl, which probably qualifies as the most over-media'd sporting event (where's the local angle there?)? Is either of these staff-covered events going to sell more papers or generate significant pageviews? Unlikely -- Just vanity play and another example of why the newspaper industry is tanking. Rick Thames, wake up!

    - former Charlottean now living in NYC

  2. You make a good point - I've wondered why the Observer sends staff to non-local events as well. That said, I do see the need for an editor - and the new one seems to be doing a great job.

  3. to the person who posted here first you are exactly right. rick thames is obviously out to lunch for letting this happen. ms. sutherland can't even spell. just read this blog.

  4. Hmmmm, there are some ugly frustrated people in Charlotte, aren't there, all you anonymous haters? Where is all that "southern charm" everybody hears about, or is that what it is, just hearsay? Move on.

  5. 8:37, you're an idiot. the first poster blatantly said he's living in nyc. good try though.

  6. Actually, the first poster said they are a FORMER CHARLOTTEAN now living in NYC. Yes, some people down here do move to other parts of the country.

    Besides, what is she going to report on? North Carolina fashion? HAHA. Vera Bradley and Walmart would be about it. She helps give some fashion tips to the people of Charlotte who desperately need it (especially the guys - eek).