Thursday, January 29, 2009

Leave Jessica alone!

Note to Jess (and everyone else considering high-waisted pants): Don't do it. Ever. They aren't flattering on anyone. Especially when paired with horrific pocket detailing.

I am so very tired of "people" calling out others for being "fat." The latest victim of the Mean Girls gossip is Jessica Simpson.

Recent pics of her in an unfortunate pair of high-waisted jeans (with a camel toe ... why isn't that causing a stir? That's way more upsetting than a few extra pounds) have set the internets a buzz with talk of her rapid weight gain.

If you think you can pull off an ill-fitting outfit and a horrid camera angle and still look fab, bring it. I'd love to see it.

I can can't believe I'm going to defend the tuna-and-chicken-confusing celeb, but for the love of God, zip it!

Can't a girl get a break? Ever?


  1. enticI have (except for a few more pounds) the same exact body type as Jessica Simpson--short, big boobs, and a nonexistent waist. She looks the same to me, she just can't wear big belts with jeans like that. When you're built this way you have to make sure you make yourself look like you have a waist. She didn't, and that is what ruins this outfit and makes her look bigger. I think she looks fine, people need to leave her alone!

  2. ugh. shut up. she did get fat. call a spade a spade. she's prolly on the treadmill now so it'll be gone in a week.

  3. To the blogger that said "Prolly", is that one of our relatives? I thought we only said that! Jessica made a poor choice in outfits, period. I have no idea what she was thinking, but that is an outfit NOONE should wear. Leave her alone. She admits to "loving to eat". Amen.

  4. She did look slightly larger, but I think the outfit really helped to make her look worse than she really was. Those pants were just NOT good. Now don't get me wrong, I have seen some cute high-waisted pants. But the faded blue color of those pants.....1988 called and they want their pants back Jess!

  5. Concerning the high-waisted pants and the picture´s comment: Maybe they do not fit our beloved but quite short (sorry for the "short" but it´s true) Jessica that well but in general I do love those kind of trousers. They are there to show long legs and can still help to point out a girl´s gorgeous midriff. No need to be shy actually. Where I come from we call the style "Marlene"