Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Topshop fever builds

With a hefty dose of cheeky confidence, British clothing store Topshop will open it's first American store on Thursday in New York City.

When asked during a press event during New York Fashion week in February, what Topshop has that Target doesn't, owner Sir Philip Greene said: "Fashion."

Comparing the two is as appropriate as comparing apples and oranges. Same could be said of comparing Topshop and H&M, probably the closest chain in the US to Topshop's quick-moving, fashion-forward approach.

While Topshop and H&M apparel is distinctly chic, the chains differ at the cash register. Leather goods are commonplace at Topshop, shoes in the $200 range are not uncommon. At H&M, low prices ($2.90 lattice-work earrings, for example) make the of-the-moment clothes even more attractive.

Greene says Topshop, which is the home of the rabidly-popular Kate Moss line (she's expected to attend the NYC store opening), has a business model and focus that is unique: stores get new merchandise every 7-10 days, and the 2,900+ stores worldwide receive more than 11,000 deliveries a week.

The NY store, at just under 30,000 square feet, came with a price tag of more than $20 million, Greene says. On the horizon for the States are another 12-15 flagship stores, eventually.

"We don't need to be aggressive," he said.

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  1. One big difference btw/Topshop and H&M, other than price, is that you can order Topshop online. While H&M does have a fun little outfit planner you could take shopping with you at the store, it doesn't much help us down here.