Thursday, March 27, 2008

Disappearing Lotus?

Two of three Lotus boutiques have closed recently, leaving shoppers wondering what was going on.

The closing of the stores at Birkdale Village in Huntersville and on Central Avenue in Charlotte are the result of a few things, co-owner James Funderburk (right) said via e-mail this week.
Funderburk, who recently had a hand in opening nightclub HOM and developing condo complex Celadon, says he's had to deal with some family illnesses and needs to refocus.

As for the mini-chain of clothing stores that included three Lotus locations and Civilian at Phillips Place, he says business partner Effie Loukas is buying out his share.

They chose not to renew the Birkdale lease, and ran into some building issues with the landlord on the Central Avenue space, he says.

"Pairing down the retail business will allow Effie to develop the wholesale business and expand the Lotus product offering," he said in the e-mail. "Civilian is remaining and may undergo a face lift and name change."

Funderburk is also selling his share of ownership in HOM.


  1. Thanks so much for updating us. Losing Lotus on Central was sad. Here's hoping for a strong replacement.

  2. Eh, sad to see them go, but may they be replaced by a store that carries clothes in real women's sizes.

  3. I'm not one to disparage a locally owned business, but every time my size 10/12 butt went into Birkdale's Lotus, I was virtually ignored and reluctantly helped.

    Two or three visits like that were more than enough for me!

    Perhaps the other store locations weren't like that, but some halfway decent customer servie could go a long way.

  4. my size 2 self was also ignored as I am not in my 20's anymore - or 30's to be totally honest . . . I agree - I prefer to support locally-owned stores but only if they appreciate my business . . .

  5. There is more to this story...

  6. I agree that there is much more to this story ... especially if you happen to be one of the contractors who did work on HOM and have yet to see a dime for payment!!!!

  7. anonymous said....
    there are a lot of different things about this and other partnerships of his that just do not add up, if you know what I mean. Hint... like the Long-Funderburke Design Group. When did either of them become designers??? Pay your bills guys!!!
    Enough said!