Monday, March 10, 2008

Hi-larious hot mess

He's got a fan in Posh Spice. What more do you need to confirm your place in the pop culture lexicon? How about being parodied on late night TV?

Christian Siriano won season four of "Project Runway" last week. His penchant for ruffles was almost as compelling as his uptalk and valley-girl speech patterns.

"I am hopeful that Christian can channel this incredible talent into a successful brand," says Tim Gunn, the "PR" workroom guidance counselor. "He needs a good business partner, and to not be distracted by how people react to him. He shouldn’t go the route of a personality."

That might be hard for young Christian to do, given his flat-ironed fierceness. Let's hope he's got a good sense of humor -- "Saturday Night Live" and Amy Poehler nailed Christian's cadence and style in this hot mess of a fierce skit.


  1. That skit was FIERCE!!! I loved Christian on Project Runway and knew from day one that he would be the winner!! I also enjoyed Chris a great deal!
    Amy Poehler did indeed nail our little Christian!

  2. this skit was so funny! - Christian you have made it!