Monday, April 7, 2008

My latest fashion crush

Designers branching out with lower-priced lines at mass retailers is nothing new. But the quality of the lines have been stepped up considerably since Isaac Mizrahi blazed the fashionably cheaper trail at Target back in 2003.

I've got two recent faves for quality, style and price:

The Gryson handbag line in stores now at Target. My obsession with the green woven bags (above) has cooled a bit since the look book arrived at the office a few months ago, and I've now moved on to daydreaming about the blue drawstring tote.

The Abaete line at Payless by Laura Poretzky is sophisticated, cute and apparently in demand -- the Davis Tote is sold out. The sexy, strappy Betty is on sale right now for $19.99!

Which cheap-chic line is your fave?