Monday, May 12, 2008

GG love: Oooh Georgina!

Can you believe the "Gossip Girl" season finale is next week? Already!

I'm a relative latecomer to this deliciously cheesy (but incredibly well-wardrobed) show, but I am obsessed with Serena, Dan, Blair, Chuck and the rest of the swanky cast.

I may be dating myself, but not since the days of my beloved "Beverly Hills 90210" have I been so ga-ga for primetime teen angst. Not only are the clothes better on GG, the villains are too: the sinister Georgina Sparks (right, played by Michelle Trachtenberg) puts 90210 bad girl Valerie Malone to shame.

Check out this New York Magazine article on the impact of "Gossip Girl" and be sure to tune in to the CW at 8 p.m. next week to see if Lily really marries Bart Bass.


  1. I am a latecomer too but I am hooked now.. and am not a teenager anymore but there is soooo much drama,.. I love it !! cant wait for the finale.. since they showed Lily and Rufus kiss, I am sure Serena and Dan are no longer going to be an item.. We'll wait and see..

  2. The Ruf is on fire! No way does Lily bag Bass - she's got to go for Rufus - can't wait for next Monday!

  3. True Dat! The Ruf is the new Sandy Cohen! In fact, tell Schwartz to get The Sand Man in as Ruf's older brother. Oh ya.