Friday, May 16, 2008

Shiny shoe adoration

I am smitten with patent shoes.

Red, black -- color doesn't matter. Give me a shoe with sheen and a heel, and I'm in heaven.

So, when I recently picked up a pair of black patent platform heels from the Simply Vera by Vera Wang line at Kohl's (right), I knew the shoes were perfect -- pointy toe, big heel, comfy.

But I was unprepared for the reaction they'd get when I wore them in public. Apparently, my deal of the day shoes (they were marked down to $36 from $68, and I bought them with two loud toddlers in tow) where much sexier than I anticipated or even thought about.

I bought them to help ease the wear on my beloved Via Spiga patent heels. Turns out, Vera's 4 1/2-inch heels are attention-grabbing and super flattering.

And, as an added bonus (or two), everyone who asked about the shoes was floored that I got them at Kohl's. And, the oatmeal version of the shoe is even more on sale online.

What's your shoe weakness?