Saturday, May 31, 2008

SATC: What'd ya think?

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Vivienne Westwood

Now that "Sex and the City: The Movie" has debuted on the big screen, I'm anxious to hear what fans think.

Here's my take: I liked it, but didn't love it. It was too everything - too long, too much over-the-top product placement, the dialog was too forced.

Before you accuse me of being too hard on the film, check out what some of my fashion colleagues had to say here.

On the flip side, the couture wedding gowns alone are worth the price of admission. The accessories worn by the girls really shined. (I'm already on the hunt for Miranda's over-sized squared-circle loops.)

What was your take on the movie? Your favorite thing? Least favorite?


  1. It was exactly what I expected. People shouldn't go in expecting enlightenment. Of course it's going to be fluffy girly cuteness. The product placement in the show has always been over the top and with 2 more hours to show off of course it's going to seem overwhelming. Love it or hate it, it's good to see "our girls" again.

  2. amazing. so great. laughed and cried and loved the fashion and the girls. showcased very real emotions, can't imagine a better way to revisit their lives. will definitely be seeing it again. also enjoyed how all the women treated it as more of a party and really made it an event to be at. the entire theatre was packed and seemed to really enjoy what they saw. lawrence toppman can suck it.

  3. I loved it. It really shows the various dynamics of girlfriend relationships. We laugh, we get pissed off, but we're always there for one another.

  4. I loved it as did all of my friends. If you did not watch the series, you will not "get" the movie, but if you liked the series, you will LOVE the movie.

  5. Amazing...Great Chick flick!....But why would the newspaper send a guy to the movie to critique it? A guy who hs never watched the show?

  6. "A dumpy big-screen makeover..."

    -New York Times

  7. Always felt that anything Lawrence Toppman didn't like is a really good movie!! Of course, he didn't like it because he never watched the series and it is a continuation of that. It was very well done, showing the maturity of the girls. I will certainly see it again. By the way, my husband also thought it was very good and wants to see it again!

  8. i loved it for the sake of what it was - a fun girls-night-out indulgence! the excitement of it made it impossible to miss. but my critical editorial review is a little pickier...
    the bad: ill-written script with patterns that weren't found in the orig. series; too long and circular; outlandish (at times) wardrobe even for SATC fashion-freaks like myself; horrible make-up which in my opinion is just inexcusable.
    the good: SJP seriously impressed me with her genuine talent as an actress. the wedding scene as she finds out the "bad news" is heartwrenching and VERY well-done. i was seriously impressed with SJP (and cast, too!) and her intense connection to that emotion.
    Overall: absolutely well worth it to anyone who is a SATC or chick flick film fan!