Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Project Runway: Buh-bye cry baby!

So look here! Leanne's not as nerdy as previously thought! She won the car challenge with her sophisticated silhouette and innovation.

There's nothing more entertaining than hubris. Especially when it gets smacked into submission by the king of catty Michael Kors. But we'll get back to that in a minute.

First, the challenge: Love it. I'm always in favor of forcing whiny designers outside their comfort zone, and giving them the parts of a car with which to work was genius. Innovation was the theme of the day, and Tim Gunn told the designers to step it up, since they were so disappointing during the grocery store challenge.

The checked tablecloth of this challenge? Seat belts. My girl Korto (She'll be in the top three - mark it down now) owned the belts by weaving them in to a jacket AND making sure it had shape. Fab.

Now back to the hi-larious hubris. Keith, of "moulting chicken" and "wookie onesie" fame, was so blindly, obnoxiously confident in his boring, not-innovative look, I was left wondering if he was completely deluded, or just on some good mind-altering meds.

Who talks back to Laura Bennett and Michael Kors? Apparently the same person who chastises a model for sitting down and refuses to take responsibility for his lame design.

The whiners are getting picked off one by one. Rock on.


CANCEL YOUR MONDAY PLANS: Be sure to check back here on Friday. I'll have a quick non-spoilerish review of the return of "Gossip Girl" on Sept. 1. OMFG for sure.


  1. Keith was def. having a moment of PMS when he told off the model (why would he design something a person can't sit in? DUH?!) and when he told off Laura. He deserved to get tossed. Also, I loved how the designers kept saying they had carburetors. Cars are fuel injected now-they don't need carburetors. LOL! I guess they should know more about clothes than cars tho if they're going to be designers. Liked the seatbelt coat-very cool! And I liked that Joe was the only one to design a dress that showed the Saturn Sky logo-since Saturn is a huge promoter of the show, it was nice that at least one of the designers used their logo!

  2. Amen for Keith's elimination.
    He was way to whinny these past few episodes.......i LOVED the winning piece. WOWZA!!!