Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Project Runway: Crazy, boring

My girl Korto got tons of love from guest judge Apolo Ohno (and scored a win)
with this linen and leather ensemble.

Yaaawwwwnnnn. More uninspired designs.

What a shocker -- these aspiring fashion folk don't get sportswear. Or the Olympics.

Or in the case of the fading tanorexic Blayne, the Beatles.

Michael Kors said it best (he was referring to the bottom three designers): “It’s almost like they heard the challenge in another language.”

The designers were asked to follow in the footsteps of Ralph Lauren by designing an ensemble for USA teammates to wear during the opening ceremony.

I feel like a broken record: I love retro-inspired clothing as much as the next girl, but enough already (Kenley, Kelli, Jerell, Blayne -- I'm talking to you).

I was so hoping that uninteresting, whiny Daniel was on it way out the door after his purple Supergirl cocktail dress. Again, MK had me laughing out loud with his smart mouth: "If your sport is drinking, it’s a good dress."

Instead, Jennifer got "auf'd." She and "leatha" Stella have a hard time separating their personal style from the challenges, but Stella seems to be getting away with it more, maybe because of her love of "leatha."

What's your take on the epi? Hoping the drama amps up (I am! I am!)?


  1. I am just SO not impressed with this season's designers. I do think that among the other outfits, Kotou (sp) should have won but there were so many bad outfits that figuring out who the winner would be was a no-brainer! It was actually harder for me to determine who should have gone home. Again, I'm still not impressed!

  2. Oh my lord, I can't believe Little Bo Peep didn't go home last night! That dress and hat was TERRIBLE! And I'm so totally over Blaine, Suede, and Stella! Every episode its tanning, talking in the third person, and leather. it's ALLLL I hear about. Remember that movie Groundhog Day? It's like they're just showing the same episode over and over and over! Snore! I should've just gone to bed early last night! I wouldn't have missed anything!

  3. Sooner or later, Stella and her committment to ONLY designing "leathah" - she's going to get called on the carpet for it and forced to broaden her horizons.

    I can't believe Jennifer sent another neckline out there just like the one she got raked over the coals for last week. They told her that they hated it last week. The girl won't listen.

    I thought Koto's (sp?)outfit was cute but i would've liked it better in another color.

  4. Oh my gosh, this season SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS. HARD CORE sucks. Tim Gunn said this was the most talented and diverse group of designers PR has EVER had. Really? I'm not seeing it. I'm SO glad matronly boring girl got the boot ... I didn't see ANYTHING in her outfit that screamed America. Not to mention it looks like she's trying to dress everyone like we're still living in the 50's. And her entire speech she gives when she describes her style? It takes her 10 minutes to get through it, and it STILL doesn't make any sense! Gag a maggot. lol