Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Project Runway: You better work!

Joe, the Motor City designer, won the challenge for capturing the spirit/look of his drag queen, complete with the "candy" hiding belt.

So much unintentional humor on the runway. Here are a few of my favorite laugh-out-loud moments:

  • Suede talking about being inspired to make little fabric lettuce bundles by his dead grandpa, who came to Suede through a dream. Bless his heart, his model DID look like a dinosaur.

  • Blayne appeared to not know that drag queens are men. “So my model comes in," fading tanny says. "Her name’s actually Alex, so it’s a boy. … He’s just this normal, short little Mexican dude.” How is it that this neon-obsessed tanorexic is still around? Especially when Tim Gunn calls your look "a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park.”

  • How quickly the gloves came off as judges and designers heaped the insults on Keith's look. He get put in his place by guest judge RuPaul -- "Did a dingo eat your baby, too? ... You've got so many excuses." "Wookie onesie" and "sad moulting chicken" are classic.

  • I was glad to see sleepwalking designer Daniel get picked off. He's too good for sequins? Please.
What was your favorite moment? Least favorite?


  1. I love reading your column, but I would respectfully ask that the webmasters don't post the first few sentences of it on the front page if it reveals spoilery info. I haven't watched Project Runway from this week yet (I watch it on the weekends) and unfortunately, now I know who won the challenge. Typically when spoilery info is published, there is a warning, but those crafty folks at are most likely more concerned about how an article looks on a page. Is there anything you can do about this? Thanks so much!

  2. So this is in response to the first comment, if you can't watch it until the weekends, what do you do until then? Live under a rock? So the webmasters have to change the entire webpage JUST FOR YOU? Who do you think you are? Maybe you could just watch it on Wednesday like the rest of the world.

  3. Wow, Anon 1:37. I don't recall seeing any rude or short comments in my post, just a suggestion to the designers from someone who has subscribed to the paper for over 12 years. Apparently you disagreed with me, but perhaps next time you could be a bit less acidic in your tone. I'm going to go back under my rock now.

  4. I am going to ignore the other comments and let you know my favorite moment from last night. Not only did I love hearing Chris March laugh again, I also adored Suede's brush with his vision from beyond (in the form of lettuce gloves). And I thought I would lose it when one of the "girls" told Tim to "call me". This episode was fun and funny renewing my faith in Project runway.

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  6. i'm with tivo mom.
    what blew me away was the fact that Suede was speaking in FIRST PERSON and not the 3rd. i have missed the last 2 weeks so i'm not sure if this is new news or old news but he spoke "normally"
    loved Korto's dress & model's runway walk, as well as Joe's model's walk and attitude were probably right up there in my favorite moments from last night!

  7. Wednesday's episode was a grab bag of soon to be classic quotes. I was so entertained by this episode that I had to watch it again just so I could get some of them down.

    Here are some of my favorite quotes:

    "I'm not going to let her dictate my future on Project Runway" - Suede. The way he says "dictate" with such a heavy emphasis on the first syllable. Classic.

    "Tim has given me the greatest compliment." - Tanorexic after hearing Tim Gunn tell him that is outfit looks like "a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park.”

    "You can tell her you've been to a different rodeo and don't you know what with me, sister!" - Tim Gunn's response to Suede complaining about Hedda Lettuce

    "I look like one of those, um, Astropops." - Jerrel (I think) trying on Daniel's losing dress.

    "Even 'licious' is 'licious'. If I hear that word again I am going to barf. I guess that would be 'barfalicious'" -Kenly on Tanorexic's licious-lingo.

    And probably my most favorite:

    "What I am saying is out of love. Unconditional and pure. Just get it right! - Hedda Lettuce to Suede

  8. slutty slutty slutty!


  9. I think the worst moment was when they picked the Ann Margaret/sailor design as winner and not the geisha. WTF??!!