Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway: And the winner is ...

Not only did she get Tim Gunn to wear a bike helmet and ride a tandem, Leanne won Season Five of "Project Runway."

My girl Korto came in second with her beautifully colorful collection, featuring her elegant beadwork.

Like the whiny broken record that she is, Little Miss Tugboat (aka Kenley) rocked the noose-like rope details on her dresses and finally got a clue, but not before taking a tone with Tim (again).

So who does that leave as the winner? Of course, Leanne. Her collection at Bryant Park was the most cohesive and sophisticated.

It was great to see three women with a strong point of view in the finals, but my overwhelming sense at the end of this episode (and season) was relief. It's over. Finally.



  1. I usually don't like to speak negatively about anyone, but I am so glad Kenley didn't win. What an ungrateful person. She acted like she was entitled to be there, when instead she should have been grateful and privileged to be there. Just look at her last words on the show... she was cursing at the people who gave her the opportunity to even participate!
    I think Korto's collection was the better of the 3, but I'm happy for Leanne! She seemed very sincere and so thankful for the opportunity to be there.

  2. Leanne whipped out a fashion surprise that trumped all the others. Her designs of wavy fabric tore it up!!!!

    Korto's was a very close second!

    Kenley needs to do the following:
    1- stop whining
    2- stop doing the 50s!!!!