Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway: Then there were three

There was no winner of Wednesday's epi, but Kenley "borrowed" some inspiration from Alexander McQueen with her feathered bridal gown.

My fellow Kenley haters will be saddened to learn (if they don't know already) that little Miss Tugboat made it to the final three to show at Bryant Park.

Which is so sad, given that nearly her entire collection is a copy of someone else's work, including the feathered wedding gown she sent down the runway (Michael Kors told her it looked just like the Alexander McQueen). Remember that Balenciaga silhouette she "borrowed" early in the season?

Tim Gunn visited each of the final four where they were working on their collections. And of course, there were lots of tears. Jerrell bawled when he talked about his truck-driving Daddy, Kenley cried when Tim complimented her on her fabric selection, Korto cried on the runway when she thought she might get the boot (Jerrell did). Tim cried because he was proud of them all.

My favorite moment of the whole epi was Tim in a helmet riding a tandem bicycle with LeAnne in Portland.



  1. I cant stand Kenley, but her work was so much better than Jerrell's. Kenley's attitude is what makes everyone hate her! She has stood on the runway laughing at others' critiques and then snarls at Heidi about any criticism. Kenley has a lot to learn about keeping her mouth shut to learn from others. The best was that she was mad because others choose to shorten there bridesmaids dresses because she did! As if a short bridemaids dress was her idea? What a moron!

  2. Kenley's wedding gown and bridesmaid dress may have been better than Jarrell's, but isn't the whole point of this show to do original work? She has not a single bit of originality in her work. Even though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is nothing sincere about Kinley. She is rude, ungrateful, and unoriginal. I hope Leanne wins!

  3. Kenley is immature. Hope she grows up soon enough to cash in on that talent of hers, limited though it may be. She's pretty socally ignorant, too. Sad that she had no family or friends to introduce to Tim...