Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shopping the Show

I lingered for some time at The Bag Girl's display, featuring bags and accessories made from vintage (and vintage-inspired) textiles.

I made my first trip in ages to Southern Christmas Show this week. The show runs through Sunday. There were a few things that caught me off guard:
  • I arrived at 9:30 a.m., hoping to beat the crowds (doors open at 10 a.m.). The main parking lot was already 1/2 full when I rolled up.

  • What economic crisis? The weekday crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder with minutes, and nearly impassable when I left around noon. And, it wasn't just folks browsing -- they were loaded down with bags.

  • It was hard to be an anti-excess-of-the-holidays grinch while being bombarded with twinkle lights, festive songs and loads of unique offerings.

  • Artisans weren't shy about proudly proclaiming their items were hand-made. Subtle (and not so, sometimes) signs help make shoppers make more informed decisions by questioning where their intended purchases originate.

  • Most shoppers looked like festival pros -- cross body bags, rolling carts to hold their purchases, etc.. But I was stunned by the number of people wearing inappropriate clothing. Flip-flops are not good for walking in a tightly packed crowd. Or in November when it's so cold.

  • Leave your outerwear in the car, but bring your patience.
Did you go? What is your take on the show?