Tuesday, May 19, 2009

eBay to the rescue

I have these in green patent, but pony hair might be too hard to resist!

I have a bit of a shoe fetish.

I love them all, especially heels.

So to keep my husband happy and allay my wicked non-practicing Catholic tendency to feel guilty, I do a twice a year shoe purge and sell the unworn (not unloved!) on eBay.

When I took this style editor job almost two years ago, I sold every pair of shoes in my closet on eBay and used the money to feed my need for 3+ inch heels, especially in patent.

I just packed off five pairs of shoes -- including an insanely fab pair of Frye mules -- to eBayers all over the country. It was incredibly freeing. So what if I shouldn't have ever bought those mules (they were a full size too small), at least I was making something on them. And more importantly, they were out of my house!

I felt so altruistic. Those buyers got killer deals (those mules retailed for $175 ... I think they sold for $25-ish), and in return, I got more closet space. At least for the moment.

I'm already planning my purchases for end-of-summer sales.

What do you buy and sell on online?