Friday, May 8, 2009

The Fashion Show: So here we go

OK babies ... did you watch Thursday's premiere of "The Fashion Show" on Bravo? What do you think? Here's my take:


  • The honesty of Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland. They can't even wait to leave the work room before busting out in giggles over some of the designs.
  • My mid-30s self is getting a much needed crash course in proper suiting. How else could I have possibly known that silk harem pants, a navy bolo jacket and a horribly fitted reversible tube skirt are the essentials that are missing from my closet?
  • The presence of a "Top Chef" style digital clock mounted on the wall. Where's Tom Cholicchio?
  • "We’re just not buying it," Mizrahi told the first designer kicked off, "Buh bye darling."
  • Andrew's excessive cockiness and overconfidence are grating. Anyone who willingly calls themselves "the panty christ" needs to be slapped. Hard.
  • The number of contestants calling themselves designers who are lacking in a substancial area for designers: SEWING. You can't understand fabric and fashion until you understand sewing. Simple.
  • The breast-centric design of Jonny D.

MY PICK TO GO ALL THE WAY: Hands down, it's Vivienne Westwood-inspired James-Paul. Sure, he wears wooden shoes with white tube socks, and his ensemble descriptions smack of pretension, but he's got an edgy, fresh design aesthetic that I dig.

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  1. Being a PR junkie I was prepared to hate it, but it is SO much better! Can't wait to see more team challenges.