Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Fashion Show: Week 3

I am not a fan of the winning look from Panty Christ Andrew. And even less of a fan of the bizarro combative vibe going on between Daniella and Andrew.

Memo to "Fashion Show" designers:
Dios mio, just shut it!

I am not a designer, but I am embarrassed for you. You are not doing yourself any favors by spewing your entitled, out-of-touch anti-sewing stance.

In case you've forgotten, YOU are a DESIGNER. If you can't sew, don't want to sew, or think sewing is beneath you, you shouldn't be on this show.

And, while I'm up on the soapbox using the tone of voice I usually save for my toddlers, let me also remind you that no one cares that you don't want to make an "Inspector Gadget" jacket. It's called a challenge for a reason.

What we would like to see is you, oh I don't know, maybe, sew?

Big kudos to the classically chic designer Norma Kamali, who put annoying tattletale Daniella in her place and helping the judges make an example out of Markus, who blamed his lack of sewing skills on Central Saint Martins, where he attended college.

I love the looks of Team Crazy as one contestant called the team. James-Paul's sleeping bag coat was my favorite look of the night.

What was your favorite look?