Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting the hang of things

Uh, no.

I shouldn't even admit this. But hopefully my embarrassment will help prompt others into action.

Until recently, that rickety coat rack I picked up at Metrolina about 10 years ago (with intentions of refinishing, you can see how far I got) is what I've been using to store my handbag collection.

Gah! It hurts my eyes to even look at it now! I'm so ashamed. Here I am, climbing on the soapbox to preach the gospel of "quality not quantity" and "care for your high-quality items and they'll last a lifetime" and I've got my leather bags piled on top of each other and hanging by their straps.

Dust, stress on the straps, sunlight, drying of leather -- these are all things that can harm your bag if not stored properly.

I finally got my act together and worked out a storage system (yay IKEA). I went a little crazy with the label maker, but there is now dust-free, stress-free order to my bags. It may not be the prettiest option, but I don't anticipate losing track of any bag again, or frantically throwing all the bags on my bed to get to the bottom of the pile like I did all the time with the elaborate rack "system."

How do you store your handbags? Any tips to share?

Muuuuuuch better!

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  1. Wow...did not know that handbags got "stressed"