Thursday, July 23, 2009

TFS: It's Finally Over!

The Fashion gods have answered our prayers: Bravo's "The Fashion Show" wrapped up Thursday night.

And, with 52 percent of the vote, Anna (above) was chosen by America as the winner. Yawn.

Anna was the most consistent designer and often the most quiet. She was a sly, silent schemer who clearly understands saleability and classic design. Kudos!

All this non-drama and horrid design, lighting and production has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for "reality" fashion. I am not even sure *gasp!* if I can muster the normal enthusiasm for the return of "Project Runway" in August.



  1. "The Fashion Show" was a poorly done re-make of Project Runway! Though I watched it faithfully (as many of us fashion-heads did) was just poorly done. I love Kelly Rowland.. in Destiny's Child...but as a judge for a fashion show? I didn't get the connection. And the lame tag line when they kicked someone off "We're just not buying it." WHAT! Who came up with that! I love reality TV, and will watch just about any of it, but seriously, I can't wait until the real thing returns! Go Project Runway!

  2. As sweet and lovable Isaac Mizrahi is, I just don't see Bravo bringing this one back. It's just a poor, poor ripoff of Project Runway.