Monday, July 27, 2009

I am Samantha Baker. No, Baby Houseman.

Oh Baby, you're so chic!

As a rabid consumer of '80s teen movies back in the day, I aspired to have the wardrobes of a slew of my favorite heroines.

Among my top picks: Samantha Baker from "16 Candles," Watts from "Some Kind of Wonderful," Andie from "Pretty in Pink," Cindy Mancini from "Can't Buy Me Love" and Baby Houseman from "Dirty Dancing," just to name a few.

I remember clear as a bell -- it had to have been 7th or 8th grade -- when I found the Camp Beverly Hills red/white striped boat neck shirt and matching red french terry skirt at Jacobson's in Village in Grosse Pointe. I was beside myself: It was as close as I was going to get to the striped shirt Baby Houseman wore in "Dirty Dancing."

I proudly rocked that outfit at a War Memorial Dance with a pair of white Keds (just like Baby wore).

Fast forward more than 20 years. I recently picked up a copy of "Dirty Dancing" in anticipation of a girls weekend trip to Lake Lure (where they shot some of the film).

I watched it again and STILL loved all the clothing. Oooh! Cuffed denim shorts on the bridge when Baby's practicing dancing! A white peasant top with white jeans (and those Keds again)! A crisp white shirt and high-waisted denim shorts!

Not to go too deep, but quite a few of her looks are popular right now. Was Baby a fashion savant, or are we simply in a retro silhouette cycle? Am I the only one who covets clothes of people who don't exist?

All I can say is that if someone has a line on the shredded pink outfit Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald) wore to the dance in "16 Candles" you must call me. Now.

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  1. Have to say, the prom dress at the end of "Pretty in Pink" was a huge disappointment, but I agree that the fashions in "Dirty Dancing" are timeless. When it comes to 80s wardrobe moments, I remember liking the shopping-mall scene in "Night of the Comet" - the two girls got to take whatever they wanted! I also recall that "Desperately Seeking Susan" fueled all the wannabe Madonnas.