Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway: LiLo? Really?

I'm a sucker for a hard work ethic and non-traditional path to success. Christopher from Shakopee, you might just be my favorite!
Oh wait ... it's too soon to call it!

My excitement about the return of Project Runway hit the skids when I saw the guest judge, Lindsay Lohan. Really? That's the best you can do, PR folk?

But my LiLo hateration receded quickly when she became a source for unintentional comedy. Like when she couldn't hide her disdain for Qristyl's suggestion that the designer's flamenco Grimace dress would be a great red carpet look for LiLo.

Or when the stretch-pants enthusiast started lecturing designers on the runway about appropriateness. Hello kettle? It's pot.

Anyway, the designers did fairly well in the first challenge of Season Six. The show took advantage of it's left coast setting, having the designers create red carpet-worthy looks. There were a lot of design missteps, but when the herd is this big, it's to be expected.

Along with watching Project Runway for the first time in almost a year, I was also explaining the show to three newbies - my husband, brother and sister-in-law. Early on, my non-fashiony brother picked the short, sassy look Christopher from Shakopee.

I was pulling for the fab, flowy, old Hollywood look put together by Irina.

And I was a little startled that smocking was utilities so heavily by Mitchell. But, then again, he is from Savannah, and smocking is very beloved by Southerners, but pretty much only on bishops and jon jons.

Perhaps my brother is a fashion savant -- Christopher's "cute" and "edgy" dress won the first challenge. And Miss "I don't sketch" Ari got the boot. Or was she dismissed because she looked freakishly similar to LiLo's on-again-off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson?

So what did y'all think? Who is a contender? What about Ra'mon? He's showing his line at New York Fashion Week in September. What do you think that means, if anything, given that the time table for this season was so skewed?


  1. I don't know Rachel - I think it's too soon to tell, but you and I both know that if Ra'mon is showing in NYC this season, then probably at least ends up in the top 3. Yes, Ari was freakishly similar to Ms. Ronson - and kudos to you for finding a Jon Jon reference in that mess of a "nightgown". If you cut that neck off I might wear it while sipping brandy by the fire :)

  2. I watched the all star challenge and turned away from the premire of PR. If it's worth watching even without the old New York location I'll catch up before next weeks show. LiLo is too cheap for this show. I thought Nicole Kidman was more PR worthy, she gave one of the challenges on the all stars show. The guest judge was Dianne Von Fursternburg who is so stylish.

  3. lindsay lohan is just disgusting. she just dropped the integrity of the show about 5 degrees. bad decision by pr. so out.

  4. can't believe you are all so hung up on the LiLo choice for guest judge. . .like the opinion of any guest judge really matters.
    The night's biggest tragedy was the "manufactured drama" from the recovering meth addict who quivered, whimpered, blubbered and wept on the first challenge. Let's see, I've waited my whole life up to this point to have this opportunity, I failed to make the cut at least twice before and now, yeah now that I'm here, I'm gonna quit 'cause I can't take the stress . . .Right. So believable.