Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rodarte at Target

I was a giddy little Twitterer when I read that the fab Mulleavy sisters (above), designers of the of-the-moment Rodarte line, would be doing a Go International line at Target, due to hit stores in December.

On one hand, I'm geeked thinking about the possibilities (and the prices). Their work manages to be futuristic, chic and relatable to modern women. But I've been trying to temper my expectations and enthusiasm. Not because Rodarte isn't incredible, but because it's hard to make high fashion translate well to a low price point.

I was beside myself to check out the Alexander McQueen Target collection at a warehouse preview party during New York Fashion Week in February. The party was great -- there was a band, lots of champagne -- but the clothing? Not so much.

I so badly wanted to buy something, but couldn't find anything that rocked my world in quality, style or fit. Really? This coming from a man who has never created a pair of shoes or a handbag for which I haven't lusted.

What's been your experience with diffusion lines?

1 comment:

  1. I think the most successful designer lines at Target have been Rogan, Thakoon, and Tracy Feith. I, too, was super disappointed with the McQueen collection.

    Really excited about Rodarte, though!