Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's time to tie one on

My computer-savvy colleague asked me for scarf-tying guidance a few days ago, right on the heels of a question from another about scarf shapes and uses.

That's right accessory-fiends, it's time to bust out your favorite scarves! I am so very excited to see the temps dip enough to make scarves comfortable for wear in the Carolinas.

Here are a few tips if you love the look, but don't feel confidant in your ability to pull it off:
  • When it comes to scarf length and size, the longer and bigger the better.
  • Decide how you want your scarf to look. Long, rectangular scarves are more versatile than squares. But, squares can be easier to tie.
  • The key to wearing knit scarves is the casual vibe -- when they're done right, they look effortlessly messy, which works in your favor as a newbie.
  • This is less of an issue in the Carolinas (and even then, not until it gets considerably colder), but be mindful of the thickness of knit scarves. Some nubby, chunky knits don't do well when doubled or bunched around your neck.
  • There's only one way to build confidence in your scarf-wearing and tying ability. Using a photo of a celeb or someone who's scarf style you'd like to bite, and practice, practice, practice. Set yourself up in front of a mirror and get busy.
What are your scarf-wearing tips? Tying silk scarves are a whole 'nother issue to tackle on a different day ...