Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway: Three strikes

Ra'mon! Ra'mon! So glad you ditched that Catwoman suit!

Well, well. Apparently the inability to sew isn't exclusive to Fashion Show designers.

Mitchell finally got was was coming to him for his inability to focus, design, and oh yeah, SEW. First it was the smocking, then the horrid maternity shorts that could easily accommodate a person in each of the legs. Then, he admitted to the camera he chose Ra'Mon as a partner because he expected to be carried through the challenge.

Oh honey, no. If you're going to rock a cocky bravado, please, please have the skills to back it up.

For all the drama that was promised, I was thought it was pretty standard Project Runway fare: lippy designers not wanting to share or collaborate with others. Qristyl and Epperson nagged each other like an old married couple. As much as I want to like Qristyl's work, I am not feeling anything she's done thus far.

And, with each passing week, I'm feeling more confident that Ra'Mon might be the winner, especially since he's showing at New York Fashion Week. I'll be checking out his show (as well as the shows of fellow PR alums Christian Siriano and Malan Breton) during the semi-annual festival of fashion which starts Sept. 10.

Thoughts? Have you been watching "Models of the Runway?" What's your take on that show?

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  1. Finally!! I've waited three weeks to see him gone!! He should have been ousted after that horrible sheeth thingy!!!