Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bra-fitting: Get it done.

Seems I've hit a ill-fitted, poorly supported nerve. And I can't wait to spark more discussion on the topic of bras. I wasn't surprised to find that my voicemail inbox was more than half full, or that the e-mailed responses to my bra column continue to pour in to my Outlook.

So, let's continue this dialogue. Here are my answers to a few questions posed by readers. I'll post more answers next week. More questions or comments? Post below!

Where do you get the perfect fit?
I went to the Lingerie Shop near Phillips Place which closed a few years ago. Since then, I've been buying my bras at Nordstrom. I found a sales associate with a body shape that is similar to mine, and I call in advance to make sure she'll be there before I go. I've brought clothing with me (if I'm buying a bra for a specific dress or top), and I don't feel guilty about spending as much time as I need to get the perfect fit.

I can't stress enough how important it is to be sized properly. You'll tend to have the best luck at department (Belk or Dillards) or speciality stores (like IC London or E Martini).

Talk about prices at boutiques and department stores. They seem so high.
Think of bras the same way you think of shoes or handbags. They are investments. When you pay more, they will last longer, wear better and look better. That couldn't be more true with bras.

Sure, $60 for something few people besides you will see seems like a lot, but it's not when you consider this: If cared for properly, you shouldn't need to replace it for 2-3 years.

Lets do the math (please remember, this is an example): Buy four $60 bras once = $240. Buying four $30 bras every six months for 2 years = $480.


  1. I have never put a bra on but have taken a few off in my day.

    Clothes are a funny commodity. People think I am snobbish because most of my shirts, shorts and suits have that little pony on them. Truth is I am cunningly frugal, and the vast majority of those clothes out last the rest on a scale of ten to three. I have Ralph Lauren shirts I wear on a regular enough basis to justify the investment that are over ten years old, and they look like they may still have the tag on them.

  2. I've got skid marks in my drawers