Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Buff Faye's drag-tastic Halloween

Buff Faye (lower left) and her festive Halloween crew

I finally, finally(!) met Buff Faye.

She's the long-lost sister of Tammy Faye (rest in peace), and Buff's just as fabulous as you'd expect the winner of the Ms. Crown Royal Rugby Pageant 2008 and Miss $1.98 Pageant at the HideAway in Rock Hill, SC, to be. You may also recall she was in the top 25 of RuPaul's national Drag Race competition this summer.

Now, she and her band of divas sing, dance and serve a killer brunch once a month during Buff Faye's Drag Brunch at Hartigan's. I was lucky enough to see the crew in action earlier this month, in full camp drag/Halloween glory.

Here's your chance to check out the special encore: Buff and her crew are doing it one more time at a Halloween event 7-10p Thursday, Oct. 29.

Check it out. And tell Buff I sent you!