Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Primp Your Papa

Some fathers behave like stray cats when it comes to style. Any sudden movements or big changes and they're running for cover. We know most dads want to be a bit more hip, but don't want to ask for help.

Here are two ideas to help coax daddio out of his fashion-deprived dark space this Father's Day (June 21). You'll increase his chic factor without forcing him too far outside his comfort zone.

Be sure to check out Thursday's Style section for more tips.

Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style: Every woman knows if you want to teach your husband or father something about style, you get someone else to do it for you. Enter expert author Tom Julian who demystifies fashion in a info-and-photo-packed tome that helps men define their personal style. Along the way, he tosses in tips on proper clothing care, sizing and how to iron a shirt. $19.95. Nordstrom SouthPark, 704-442-6000.

J Crew Timex Military Watch: It's subtly retro and at the same time classically modern. The legendary American watchmaker Timex made this 1940s-inspired timepiece exclusively for J Crew. The face is distressed, the watch case is stainless steel and it has a nylon band. It's water resistant, too. $150, only.

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