Thursday, June 11, 2009

TFS: So predictable

Ugh. I am so uninspired by this episode of "The Fashion Show," I can barely muster the strength to write this post.

Enough with the whiny designers.

Enough with the head-scratching quickfire challenges. Oh wait, that's another Bravo show, "Top Chef."

Enough with the pseudo drama. What's that you say? How about the horrible manufacturing of drama that isn't there through "creative" series editing. Merlin was in tears over his ignorance about "Mean Girls." He and Danielle take turns gnashing their teeth, pitching mini-fits, and before you know it, the very person that is shown as the weak link has won the challenge.

Enough with the self-absorbed, uninformed designers. Angel not knowing what B-girls are was sad and insulting, but not nearly as offensive as Johnny's boorish bravado.

Thank goodness -- Just a few more months until "Project Runway" returns.