Wednesday, June 3, 2009

TFS: Real people are scary

I couldn't blog about The Fashion Show last week because my DirecTV was struck by lightning. Sounds like some crazy, made-up the-dog-ate-my-homework excuse, but it's true! But it looks like I missed a rather boring week. Buh-bye Panty Christ.

Thank goodness the DirecTV was operational this week, so I could fully witness the ridiculousness that is these transparent designers. Holy train wreck! If this level of self-absorption continues, I'll stick around till the end of the season for sure.

My favorite quote of the night was from Johnny (above) upon learning that they'd be designing for -- gasp! -- real women, not models. "I'm very scared because I don't really work with real people." Huh.

Oh wait! It gets better ... James-Paul gets the award for most dramatic overstatement. Having to design for "real" women "is like asking Jesus Christ to work with Satan."

Thankfully Isaac Mizrahi reminded them that those scary "real" women with boobs and thighs are the ones who will buy their clothes.

In the end, Keith got the boot for his uninspired dress. And Daniella, for all her whiny, post-college hubris, ended up designing the winning look using the hot color combo of black and blue.

What's your take on The Fashion Show?