Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crocs mea culpa

These Malindi Crocs have me wavering on my anti-Crocs stance.

I have been firmly in the anti-Crocs camp for some time now, making my disdain for the plastic shoes known again and again.
And, I should have known that my vehemence would come back to bite me in the behind.

Well, Crocs lovers, that day arrived on May 16, in the infield at the All-Star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. I spotted these adorable leopard print ballet flats, and when I asked the wearer for details, she said they were Crocs. Wha????

Since then, I've gone back and forth about buying a pair. I've gone to a sports store and tried them on. They would be great alternatives to flip-flops (which are quickly becoming my most hated shoe, second only to Crocs). But I just can't pull the trigger.

About what fashion item have you had a change of heart?

I also said I wouldn't wear summer scarves and now I adore them (regardless of season, actually). Same goes for gladiator sandals (mine are very loosely glads -- faux snakeskin, and they don't crawl up my leg).

Maybe, before long, those Crocs will join my list of never-say-never style choices. What do you think?


  1. Crocs are adorable if you are under the age of 18...or a doctor/nurse in a hospital...

    That's it! :)

  2. I think you should go ahead and make the purchase. The style is completely different than the landfill filling crocs you despise.

  3. You're not really an outdoor person are you?

    I have some big, clunky, ugly crocs. After a long day of backpacking they are absolutely the best thing ever to put on at the campsite. You can wear them fording a stream and then clip them back on your pack to dry. It beats the heck out of cutting your feet on rocks or slogging through water that comes up higher than your boots.

    So basically what I'm saying is that we mock what we do not understand.

  4. Hey Chupacabra ... I'm not sure if I would count as an official "outdoor" person, but I do my share of running, biking and rafting when I can.

    After those activities, I like Chacos or Tevas. They tend not to fall off in the water.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Crocs may be practical, but the traditional style are still the dumbest looking shoes I've ever seen and I cringe when I see grown men wearing them in public.

    That said, some of the sandals and flip flops look pretty sweet.

  6. Chupacabra, your argument makes complete sense, but I'm pretty sure when I'm at the mall, or grocery store, or even work (heaven forbid, although I have seen it) people did not just finish backpacking or stream fording.

    Keep the big clunky crocs for only when you're deep in the forest. Otherwise people might have to say to you, we mock what we do not understand (only this time not hiking, fashion) :)

  7. Most of us men who wear them in public don't really care that much about the fashion sensibilities of folks who might spend $500 to $1000 for a purse, or who get their kicks by making snide cynical comments behind the backs of others.

    No, most of us really like the comfortable, lightweight footwear that let us have most of the feeling of being barefoot (and that Chacos or Tevas are too heavy to do) but still protect our feet to some degree...something that flip-flops can't do.

    We love the fact that women would wear high-heels mainly for the look it provides...to men; but we also understand and sympathize with the pain and suffering. So if someone wants to wear some comfortable footwear, let them go ahead and feel comfortable about the decision to buy them.

  8. What - hater of flip flops? Aren't they a staple in the mama wardrobe :) Although this style is very cute I still can't buy myself crocs - the girls on the other hand wear them and love them! Take care Rachel!

  9. Do crocs make your feet sweat? Because that's all I see when I look at something that is plastic and closed toe in the heat of a GA summer!

    For the record I have never even put on a pair of crocs so I have no idea, hence the question.

    I too am in the "wow those are ugly" camp, but I've been known to sport the ugly shoe to only have everyone agree with me a few years later so I won't judge the women at least too harshly :) (to which I will now recall that all my friends thought my Birkenstocks were FUGLY when I brought them back from Germany in 91 - few years later and a few years into college - they were all rockin' them :) )

  10. I was a non-believer until my coworker bought that pair in silver... it really is not that bad for casual outings-- no worse than flip flops.