Thursday, June 18, 2009

TFS: I so want to care about this show

The winning look, designed by Haven and Anna.

I really, really want to care and be excited about "The Fashion Show."

But I just can't. Not even after what is probably the best episode of the season so far. I can't get excited about anything, heck, I can't even remember the designers names. How's that for holding my attention.

The best I can do is generalities: There's the Valley-Boy-Fred-Flintstone-Wilma-bun-can't-sew-dude, the whiny, self-important-recent-college-grad; The 80s-throwback-girl-who-can't-sew and Merlin, whom the adorably insightful Tom and Lorenzo refer to as "Chicken Diva."

Yes, James-Paul's partner deserved to go home for the fish-scale dress that would give even the skinniest model some massive junk in the trunk. And yes, 80s-throwback-girl-who-can't-sew and her partner deserved to win for their jacket/shorts combo (here's a tip: culottes haven't been cool since I wore them in third grade).

I've heard nothing but crickets when I post about this show ... is anyone watching besides me? Or have you all taken a break from fashion TV until the August return of "Project Runway?" Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. I cannot even sit through 5 minutes of this show. It is insanely boring and cliche. Knock off gone wrong, in a bad way. Even my love for Isaac can't make me watch.

  2. Stop trying to care. It's a lost cause. Apply your keen fashion sense to the equation - would you WEAR a poorly remade obvious rip off of a designer dud? You wouldn't and you know it.

  3. I'm watching because I, too, wanted to love this show. Not so much. In fact, I find it very boring and tedious. Now, Tom and Lorenzo's blog NOT boring and tedious - I love them and highly recommend taking a moment or two to check them out.

  4. I can't cheat on project runway!