Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carolina girl on ANTM

Clark Gilmer, 19, a University of South Carolina student from Pawley's Island, SC, is among the contestants on "America's Next Top Model" which debuts at 8 tonight on WJZY Channel 46.

I've never watched "America's Next Top Model." Too much other reality TV to distract me. Like "Rock of Love" and "The Hills."

But, after listening to some of my friends who are ANTM fanatics, I watched the screener of tonight's two-hour debut (8 p.m. on The CW, WJZY Channel 46 in Charlotte).

What did I see? Cheesy special effects, humans impersonating robots and plenty of drama. Hello hot mess!

In the model mix for cycle 11: a pre-op transgender female, a Kimora Lee Simmons-wannabe and Clark Gilmer, 19, a University of South Carolina student from Pawley's Island, SC.

I'm still on the fence about whether I'll stick with it. Should I?

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  1. Absolutely stick with it! ANTM is fun. Great clothes, beautiful places, weird photo shoots and high drama (yes of course there's high drama- you put several young women in close quarters all competing for the top prize and you will see both the best and the worst in these contestants. Lots of fun!

  2. I am so embarrassed that Clark is from the Carolinas. She sounded so incredibly small-minded and came across as an arrogant witch. I hope she goes soon.

  3. I grew up with Clark and her family. She is grown into a wonderful young woman! Leave her alone!

  4. This Clark is a total embarassment to Pawleys Island, SC, the SOUTH.Hope she and her ego go home soon! As far as her growing up to be wonderful, the girl she is kissing on the lips in the hot tub on next weeks show sure seems to agree

  5. ok so, only the white girl gets a full name and others are simply tansgenders and wannabes huh. very unbiased editor...good job

  6. I did a fashion show with her in charleston. me and my bf did the brooks bros show and she tried to say bad things about me while we were in line to go on. so absolutely hilarious she already made herself out to be a .... in the first few episodes. oh well, let's just hope it goes to someone with a heart and who has a better (and more photogenic) head on her shoulders.