Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway: Sabotage!

Yesssss... one of my favorite songs (and also a ringtone on my phone) is perfect reading music for this PR recap!

First it was Leann with the model steal. Sabotage!

Then it was Jarrell and Korto giving Kenley bad hip-hop advice. Sabotage!

Then there was Korto's bleach fumes. Sabotage? No, just poor ventilation.

Then Jarrell admitting to he wanted to sabotage Suede. It worked. A little.

The crazy design-for-your opponents in a musical genre challenge provided ample opportunity for whining.

My girl Korto took home the win with her punk-inspired menswear ensemble for Suede.

And what a shock, Kenley was the most vocal, most annoying whiner of them all. She snapped at Tim (again) and Nina (what?) and should be thanking her lucky stars that guest judge LL Cool J chose not to respond to her massive diss of hip-hop attire as "stupid."

I was shocked Kenley Spears (Jarrell seemed to have a little too much fun dressing her like a pop starlet) didn't get the boot, but I guess that would have been too obvious.


FASHION REALITY: Bravo is casting a new show, "Fashion House." If you're interested, check out the details.

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  1. I've been a faithful watcher of the Project Runway series. And I've come to the conclusion that they purposly keep slightly talented, opionated-annoying people to "jazz" up the ratings. First season was Wendy. Second, Santonio. Third, Jeremy. Fourth, her name escapes me, Asian girl?. And yet again, we have Kinley. Hopefully Suede(not very talented, but entertaining) will understand that they're keeping Kinley(who missed the point of the last challenge, COMPLETELY! because Project Runway needs ratings.