Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Does size matter?

I'm struggling to overcome my attachment to a cherry-patterned Betseyville cosmetics bag, and my inability to contain my products.

I was recently forced to upsize my bag because my stable of daily primers, powders and shadows had gotten too big. I think it was the Too Faced Brow Envy that was the product that broke the bag's back.

My only requirements for cosmetic storage is that the vessel needs to be easily packable and easily closeable. I've had the best luck with soft-sided bags. I still can't part with a leopard-print LeSportSac bag from my Marshall Field's retail days.

It's not like I haul the goods with me everyday (and now, in bigger the striped oil-cloth case from IKEA I couldn't even if I wanted to), so why am I stressing about the size of the bag? I have a much smaller JV set of cosmetics that travel in my purse.

Maybe it is because the changing of the bags coincides with changes in my life. Three years ago, I proudly could cram all my daily cosmetics needs into a glorified pencil case. Since then, I've had my second child and gone from working part-time back to full and changed jobs.

Or maybe it's just that I am product junkie. Anyway ... What do you use to for cosmetic storage?


  1. I use a train case for storage at home. One with a large bottom compartment to store my actual products and a double sided brush holder that is attached to the underside of the top. For the purse, I use a silver metallic cosmetic case that can double as a small "clutch" (and I do mean small) in a pinch.

  2. ooh here's a question -- i need a new cosmetic bag, and i'm not going to spend $50 or 60 on it. Anyone know where a good place to look for a decent cosmetic bag that's reasonably priced would be? other than the obvious target.