Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Project Runway: Then there were 6

I have to agree with Tim Gunn on Jerell's look. It's very school marm redux. But apparently, that's what the former contestants are considering chic these days.

If fashion had a superhero, it'd be Michael Kors. The man is creative and entertaining on and off the runway. His catty commentary has been the star of the show for weeks now, and tonight he was en fuego.

Designers still in the game were paired with those who had been eliminated earlier. Together, they were to create an avant-garde look based on a zodiac sign. Love it! (I'm a Gemini -- June 20 -- and couldn't be more twin-ish if I tried, but I digress).

Designers from past seasons (including former Charlottean Carmen Webber) were brought in to pick the winner. And Francisco Costa, creative director at Calvin Klein, joined MK, Nina Garcia and Heidi on the runway to pick two designers to auf.

MK's mouth couldn't be contained and I agreed with all of it. Blayne's horrific cotton candy bondage dress was "pooping fabric." Terri's dress looked like a "voodoo princess from hell." And he mocked Suede's annoying habit of speaking in third person.

There wasn't one look tonight that I thought was worthy of a win. It was all uninspired, especially Kenley's second hyper-exaggerated take on the Balenciaga silhouette that garnered her a win early on.

And enough of the sassing the judges! I wasn't sad or surprised to see Blayne and Teri get the boot. About time.



  1. Love Project Runway but I have to admit that I've been pretty disappointed with this year's contestants... they lack the zing of the previous seasons.. sometimes feels like the show is losing its edge.

  2. I feel much the same as athena00181. I've yet to see an outfit that just knocks my block off. It's almost as if the designers are too comfortable with the system and not scared enough.