Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Project Runway: Career driven?

She's chic and comfortable -- the perfect combo for a prospective employee. The contestants this week had to create a look for a recent college graduate. Jarrell scored his second win in a row with this structured-but-slouchy look.

I'm a PR broken record. Witness the slight variations on the same themes from weeks past:

I know why the judges are keeping Kenley around -- she's the typical reality-TV girl that you love to hate -- but she's a cocky, self-important train wreck waiting to happen. Wait, what? She dissed Tim Gunn again? Nooooo! Clearly she's out of her weak-vintage-inspired mind.

Suede's blue hair dye must be giving him the vapors, because that horrid clearance-rack at Ross circa 1990 ensemble he put together was inexcusable. I was so distracted by Kenley's incessant smack-talk I didn't immediate realize that Suede's look was overworked, tacky and just not practical. Nina Garcia was speechless! Never a good thing.

The pinstriped/pocket square fiasco finally sent unimaginative Joe home. About time!

Late last week, the six final designers showed their final collections at Fashion Week in Bryant Park. All six were included to keep the secret of who wins Season 5 a secret. But judging from the still photos, it's still Korto and Leann's game. My vote for a possible upset is Jerrell.



  1. I think Leanne's collection was the most interesting from Fashion Week. It was obvious Joe was out by looking at his collection - it was so far removed from the rest. Looking forward to getting this season over (isn't that terrible to say?).

  2. I have watched every episode of every season and this is by far my least favorite. I can not stand it when Suede talks about himself in third person. I wish he would go home so I can watch without that horrible irritation and distraction. I don't know why it bothers me that much but it does. There isn't a "breakout" in this batch and the garmets seem mundane. Is it the designers or the challenges?

  3. Oops garments...spelling accident.

  4. Rachel, you took the words right out of my mouth - i liked Kenley a good bit, but my goodness - her true colors are starting to show.
    she is so cocky!!!!
    i think it's Leanne, Corto and Jerell for the final 3!

  5. Never have I been a Joe fan but when Kenley laughed at him on the runway while he was taking criticism...well it took me back to Junior High. Mean girls suck and she has to go home. Plus no one disses on Tim Gunn.