Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Project Runway: The gloves are off!

Bookish Leann won her second challenge in a row -- the winner of this competition will have their look sold to a select audience through American Express and Diane Von Furstenburg.

Gah. I'm starting to sound like a broken record! If only the clothing were as entertaining as the sassy, nosy, diva designers.

Wednesday's challenge for a fashion "legend" was relatively uneventful. The special guest (and judge) was designer Diane Von Furstenburg. Were you surprised that poor little tanorexic Blayne heard "legend" and immediate thought "Mary -Kate Olsen?" Sigh.

I can't be the only one who was waiting for Kenley's head to explode or spin around. Her hysterical laughing and crying was a freaky train wreck: I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

The catty claws have been bared by just about everyone, including "I'm straight" Joe and "I'm meek" Leann. Stella wouldn't share the details of her outfit (maybe if she would have, she could have saved her self). The leatha lova got the boot, but not before calling out celebrity judge Rachel Zoe about last week. My girl Korto squashed the petty, catty talk with a confident flick of her wrist, telling the biters to bring it on the runway.

And what is up with sassing the judges? The designers better watch it -- Michael Kors looks like he's thisclose to charging the runway the next time someone like Suede can't take constructive criticism.

Who should be auf'd next?


  1. Kenley is my favorite, but all her PMS crying last night was really a bit much. I must say the dress Leanne created was outta this world beautiful. The judges are so obnoxious. It really just has become full of rude, hurtful remarks that are not doing anything to help the designers.

  2. I cannot believe Joe's still there! Shoddy work and bad taste week after week. I was hoping he'd be sent home, not Stella.

    I think it's ultimately a race between Korto & Leanne.

  3. I completely agree. If Korto and Leanne are not in the final three I will be very surprised. Also what was up with Kenley last night? My goodness just shut up and sew!

  4. I love Leanne's stuff. She has a shop on etsy, too (her seller name is leanimal). Joe should definitely be gone, not Stella. And I used to like/be intrigued by Kenley, but now I'm getting a weird backstabber vibe from her. I was not that taken by her simple dress (I tend to think her design was less "I wanted to go with a simpler look" and more "I ran out of time because I was fussing over this part").

    Korto is getting robbed, week after week. I think she'll ultimately win, but every week that she doesn't win the challenge, she looks surprised and defeated. She should win.

  5. I'm sorry Stella got cut before we got a chance to see her do one of her famous leathah outfits. Really love Korto's work.

    I've noticed this season Tim Gunn's sanity checks with the designers seem to actually be on target. How many times in previous years had he praised a designer's work only to have that designer excoriated by the judges?