Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fab Finds: Psycho Bunny for Dad

If you want to go the traditional route this Father’s Day, do so with a little ’tude.

The Psycho Bunny line of menswear tweaks convention in stylish, witty ways. Among our faves are the silk neckties, which feature garden gnomes, pineapples and grenades, the signature bunny and crossbones logo and this subtle, ’80s throwback Space Invaders pattern. $125, Old Dog Clothing, 6822-A Phillips Place Court, Charlotte. 704-554-5000;

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MORE FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS: Check out Thursday's Style section. If you can't wait, here are links to the products we're featuring.


  1. Are you out of your mind or just out of touch.

    In case you haven't noticed the economy is in the tank not too mention nobody wears ties anymore. Those who do wear ties couldn't possible wear this one. Assuming someone still does wear ties and could wear this one who in their right mind would pay $125 for a novelty tie!

  2. I have to wear a tie to work, but $125 for one is just silly. Those few times I get a new tie, I usually end up spilling something on it by the end of the first day.