Thursday, June 19, 2008

More bridal drama

I spoke recently with Alan Fields, co-author of "Bridal Bargains" a straight-talking consumer guide for wedding planning in its eighth edition.

Fields and I were discussing the closing of La Bella Sposa, which continues to make news. He and his wife Denise have been dispensing bridal advice for 18 years (their book is in it's eight edition). After planning their own wedding in 1989 -- "this was pre-Internet, pre-a lot of resources," he says -- there wasn't a lot of information about being a smarter consumer.

"Our mission was two parts," Alan Fields says. "How to save money without having to look like you’re cheap, an the other mission was how to be a savvy consumer, how do you avoid ripoffs, protecting yourself. (The La Bella Sposa situation is a) consistent story – happens every year. Another shop just closed in Modesto, Calif."

He shared tips for helping protect yourself as you shop for gowns.

Locally, one of the La Bella Sposa brides has started a blog to help connect brides, orphaned dresses and those trying to help. They've also got a Facebook page as well.


  1. spell check, and then re-post

  2. your gown justice blog link is misdirected. it should be

  3. I don't understand spending many thousands of dollars on a wedding. It's one day, and for more than 50%, it won't be the only wedding in their life. Spend the money on a house down payment, or a nice car!

  4. I actually logged on to say that I SAW Shannon in Pawley's Island over Memorial Day weekend. That was right before the store closed. I wish I had known what was happening. I would have grabbed her by that ponytail and marched her back to Charlotte to face the music (I bought my dress and bridesmaids dresses from her three years ago!).