Friday, June 20, 2008

A fashion darling emerges

I missed watching Michelle Obama, 44, on "The View" earlier this week, but it's been hard to escape news of the dress she wore.

Which dress? The $148 sundress from White House/Black Market (there are three locations in our area -- Birkdale Village, SouthPark Mall and Blakeney).

Donna Ricco, designer of the dress, has been making the rounds of morning talk shows. Some of my fashion colleagues are dissecting her fashion status. Others are speculating on the hidden meaning of the name of the store.

I think it's about time we saw a strong, confident woman in politics dress to accentuate her body rather than hide it. You'll rarely see Michelle Obama in suits. Giant Barbara Bush-sized pearls, yes, but few pantsuits.

She's a mother, a professional, a potential first lady. She's also not afraid to dress as she pleases. And, she's got the upper arms to make sleeveless work. I think I just found my new arm role model.


  1. I think you should write an article about how boat shoes are not in style and that they look really bad (unless you are 35 and older AND male, than MAYBE they are OK).

  2. top siders are fine, they're the shoe equivalent of rainbows. not fashionable, but very useful and appropriate for many occasions.

  3. What is the deal with you preps and the freakin' boat shoes?

  4. No, they are terrible for all occasions. I don't understand how anyone, especially women/girls, think that they look good.

  5. You people, who obviously consider yourself fashionable, have been keeping your eyes on the runways, right? Band of Outsiders is doing a boat shoe. Most designers have their models wearing various boat shoes. Everybody from Patrik Ervall to Tim Hamilton. What's not in style is what the northern transplants bring; square toe dress shoes