Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tightening the belt: What's your tip?

Times are tight. Now is a good time to evaluate how/when/why we are spending money. What are some of your favorite money-saving tips? Here's a few of my recent faves.

  • Trader Joe's Peppermint Pure Castile Soap. I use it in the shower to shave my legs, wash my face and body and it's got a zingy, minty kick. It's gentle enough for my children to use and can be used around the house. It's a steal at around $3 a bottle.

  • Buying second hand. There are tons of options around Charlotte, from higher-end consignment to Goodwill, Salvation Army and Value Village. They're all great for furniture, clothing and accessories, among other things. If you're saavy, you can sometimes find designer gear, too (those Donald J. Pliner never-worn pony-hair mules I picked up for $4 are among my top gets). Check out ShopGoodwill, too. This Website adds a bit of eBay -- it's an auction site. I've seen designer bags (Betsey Johnson, Prada) and tons of killer shoes as well as great vintage on there before.

    What are some of best money-saving tips?


  1. Shop discount stores for paper goods. Toilet tissue, paper towels, aluminum, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, etc. can be purchased for much less at Dollar stores or Big Lots. You don't need brand names for most of these items.

  2. Live below your means, even when the economy is going well. Then when it gets bad, you shouldn't complain that your Hummer only gets 8 mpg.

  3. Shop via the net when tax is not charged and you can get a deal on shipping. Get on your favorite site's email list and they often email coupons as well as notices of specials and free shipping. Read the fine print. I got a coupon for 10.00 off a REGULARLY priced product, when I could already get a similar product on sale for less than the $10 off price on the same site. Holidays often bring free shipping coupons. Patronize Ebayer's who offer combo shipping and DON"T order from those who charge high shipping fees. Good topic!